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Hows Your Funnel Looking?

What is a marketing sales funnel?

The topic of marketing sales funnel is definitely a staple. Everyone should be trying to learn how to use this in their business and websites to generate new leads and sales. There are two aspects to this Marketing and Sales Funnel. A funnel makes it easy for us to create and track our leads which are the people who show interest in our business and convert them into our loyal long-term customers. A business needs constant attention and evaluation of their processes and website to help identify certain changes that can bring more value and attractiveness to your business.

Marketing Sales Funnel

Marketing Sales Funnel is a concept and tool that helps us understand which areas of our marketing are working out for us and how we can elevate the ones which are not to increase our sales goals.

There are four basic principles which are involved in this that we need to look out for.

1. Source of Traffic. You need to initially understand where the majority of your traffic is coming from. Whether it is through paid advertising, a promo video or through social media, and the click rate of that particular link. Traffic sources and flow can be created and enhanced with optimization strategies and tracked with campaign coding.

2. Conversion and Interest Building. For digital marketing, when the client has arrived at your website that is the time to fully showcase what you have got. The home page can contain deals of your most popular products and services or certain offers. Plus, you should always take advantage of holidays and offer certain products, services, or promos, either way, a Call to Action is needed.

You want to ensure the visitor will engage with you by sharing an email. surfing other tabs on your website, or buy something. A conversion can be in the form of a visitor viewing more than three pages, watching a video, or taking a certain actions on your site. The more conversion friendly your website, the better. This is where skifull website design comes into play.

3. Engaging the leads. This is the time when you slowly start to introduce your clients to the core products and what your market is all about. This is sort of like nurturing your viewers towards a sale with some tips that are valuable to the customer and may prove beneficial for them. These leads will become warm and help you start building an emailing list. Special features such as a free download or coupon in exchange for an email are only two of the many tools you can use to give your viewers an engaging experience.

4. Step up. Last step is the crucial one to help ensure long term customers. You need to show your clients that you care and affirm their decision on doing business with you….and hopefully you really do care! Even if you are an eCommerce business, it is not good to have no response once customers have purchased an online order. Gain some feedback about your business or be cordial and thankful. Always, take advantage of the opportunity to get feedback about your products and services in order to help improve your business. The goal is to motivate them to possibly share your website with other people because they love your business so much.

These steps are only a brief highlight, the marketing and sales funnel is extraordinarily complex and even more so for digital marketing or eCommerce Stores. Here at FameYah Media, we can help guide you in the most efficient way to help increase performance in your approaches no matter what industry.

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