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Digital Footprint

What is it & Why is it Important?

FameYah Media, Marketing, Ads offers Digital Footprint Optimization
Digital Footprint:

What is a Digital Footprint and Why is it Important?

While surfing through the internet, do you usually wonder if you are leaving behind some trace of yourself? Some internet users may never think about the consequences of using the internet for sharing personal information, as well as, our views on various public issues.

When we are surfing the internet and going to different websites or are sending emails and texts via the internet, we are always leaving behind our digital footprints. When we are looking at the internet, the internet is looking back at us. Additionally, our businesses and business websites also have digital footprints which portray our character, services, or products and are heavily weighted for how we are perceived online.

"When we are looking at the internet, the internet is looking back at us."

Types of Digital Footprints:

Our business Digital Footprints are our marks and traces that we leave behind on the internet. These are of two kinds, active and passive. Active footprints are ones we consciously leave behind by sharing information actively on pages of our websites or social media platforms. Whereas Passive footprints are created when data is collected without the owner of the business knowing. This could be a review from a customer, business pages the owner did not create, or even hyjacking of a domain which leads customers to other websites that are not yours when they click on your url.

Businesses need to proactively shape their Digital Footprint on the internet in the way they want it and that will prove beneficial for them, as well as, protect their reputation. In the old days, the only advertisement a company needed to look out for was getting featured in the newspapers or radio but nowadays that has been blown out of proportion greatly. There are so many advertisement options and content being posted on social media platforms and search engines that it is difficult to keep track and the environment has gotten way more competitive since the introduction of various small businesses.

Why is Focusing on Your Digital Footprint Important?

There are a few places you can begin to create a positive, strong Digital Footprint. And there are many digital Footprint strategies we, FameYah Media, can perform customized to your specific characteristics and needs of your business. These strategies include a combination of focus with your website, social media platforms, and search engine optimizations.

We can create or optimize things such as your online platform registrations, geo-tagging, internet business profiles, websites, and a whole lot more to create a great user experience, engagement, and positive online presence. The important thing for your business’s Digital Footprint is also the content you create. The search algorithms for Google are always changing and why producing good and enriched content is important because Google will reward you with higher rankings. Even though our company focuses on all search engines, Google has a worldwide market share for their search engine which is why we focus heavily on Google.

Having constant maintenance on your Digital Footprint is a way to ensure a strong digital presence. Bringing creative, strategic, new, and updated content for Google to look at will bring your website up on the search page. We make sure this content is unique and we do not copy or take from other sites' content. Similarly, the Google Ads Campaign services we offer are another great way to bid and let Google put your ad on the main search pages, different websites, videos, emails, and on mobile apps.

Additionally, Social Media is the latest trend. Most anyone and everyone you meet will have at least one profile which they post or surf regularly and since COVID 19, new small businesses have also emerged on social media. To create a positive Digital Footprint, especially in this new economic environment, you need to have optimally managed accounts where all the latest updates, products, and services are featured in a visually appealing, strategic manner.


Are there any links or past employees that may be working against you and posting negative things about the business? And what is your strategy to tackle creating a constructive business presence on the internet particularly with customer reviews? Are you satisfied with your rankings and platform content? How do you feel about your web presence now?

Our company, FameYah Media, is an expert in these areas and can help you create a strong, positive Digital Footprint.

We first assess your current Digital Footprint, then we do a, “Clean-Up,” phase. This is where we fully optimize your Digital Footprint to your specific needs. After this initial phase, your account will be in Maintenance. This is where we perform regular optimization tune-ups and updated content correlated to the current search engine algorithm outcomes and needs of your business.

We have expertise in many industries and hold industry knowledge to deliver the best strategies. Reach out today to have a complimentary consultation and let us help you with your Digital Footprint to increase your customer base and strengthen your online presence.

Your Success is Our Success!


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