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How High Are Your CoNVerSionS?!

What are marketing and advertising conversion rates?

Marketing conversion rates are extremely important in the business world, whether online or not. You can diagnose your business issues just by looking at the conversion rates. It involves getting people’s attention to your business and then converting that attention in to your sales or actionable goals. Here we will start by discussing an example for how these things work and then get in to some details.

Let us consider a shop in a public market area with lots of people constantly passing by. Usually with such areas it is easier to get your business going as there is always some hustle and potential customers all around, but even though there are people passing by the shop all the time, very few people actually go in and even less make a purchases. What does this say about the shop? Same scenario for your eCommerce store or website.

Here is where the conversion rates come in and this is why you hire companies for your marketing and advertisement to not only attract people to come in and buy your product, but to analyze your analytics to identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Conversion Rates:

Conversion rate can be defined as the amount of people who are visiting your site and converting from just visitors to engaged viewers or customers. Also, analytical integration is needed to track conversion rates. Depending on which platform you are using, the average conversion rate may vary and will vary among different industries. The goal is to beat the average conversion rate in your industry. However, two steps are usually involved and where your business might be lacking.

Step 1: Actually attracting passerby’s or people surfing the internet to visit your shop. This requires some marketing and advertising strategies that will help not only in engaging an audience which can then eventually turn in to visitors, but also in making sure that you have what this audience is looking for. This is done by several algorithms in search engines such as Google and Social media where they put your services in front of people who seemed interested in similar things online your business offers.

Do you know where most of your traffic is coming from or if your strategies are optimized for the algorithms correctly?

Step 2: After you have a traffic visiting your website then actually converting that audience to customers or into engage actions. You will need to customize what you consider a conversion. A conversion can be a sale, a phone call, or viewing multiple pages which can be converted into a revenue cycle immediate or over time. Conversions equal value. Skillful strategies are involved in this. A website can either make or break the conversion which means that your website should be optimally designed for user experience, user design, consumer satisfaction, and conversion.

FameYah Media is an expert in increasing performance of conversion rates and understands the perfect strategies in any industry to increase the conversions. We provide optimal marketing and advertising for your online presence and website design.

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