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SEO/Search Engine Optimization for Websites and Social Platforms

FameYah Media, Experts in SEO Search Engine Optimization Company

You may or may not have an idea about how Google puts your website on the SERP (search engine result’s page). If you have ever wondered how to optimize your site to be able to reach the top three results on the SERP then here the phenomenon of SEO (Search engine optimization) comes into action.

Now let us consider an example of a newly built website or one which has been on the internet for a while but not receiving any considerable traffic. Such a website reaches out to a company for some SEO services which use short and non-traditional methods like keyword stuffing, spamming other forums and blogs for back-links which are essentially asking them repeatedly put a link of the website on their page, and article scraping which means copying other people’s work and changing it mildly before posting on their website. This is a way of fooling people which will not earn you good and long-lasting clients and not even any good ratings from Google.


Nowadays, Google focuses on good content and recognizes that effort by increasing their potential client influx. Digital presence is important by sourcing ads but increasing the number of people clicking on your website and liking it to becoming future customers is also important. This is only possible through Search Engine Optimization. What this does is make your website or social platform well adapted to the Google SERP and let Google see your work and in turn, increases your ratings by putting you on the first page.

What is SEO? It is a carefully structured program that cleans up your website of useless things, makes it look well sorted out, and works in response to the set theme. It makes sure that every element on your site is doing what it is supposed to do. If you have the best site with the best information then you will stand out.

FameYah Media, Experts in SEO Search Engine Optimization Company

Benefits of SEO:

  • Millions of people do searches online for various different things and you have that many opportunities to come up in front of the clients searching for your product or service.

  • SEO helps search engines understand your business and product better for the purpose of putting it in front of potential clients. If someone out there searches for a product that you sell, the search engine will put your page on the SERP for them to open as a relevant result for their searched keywords.

  • Search engines look for back-links, geographical location, tags, and meta tags on your website which are kind of like the title and description and which device you are using. SEO helps optimize these things so that search engines can understand your business better and bring the best possible clientele your way.

  • It also improves your content by making it more authentic, descriptive, and relatable.


It is increasingly crucial that you get your business a SEO package so that you can increase your engagement and profit levels.

The SEO strategies and packages FameYah Media offers have great tools that will not only do all of the things above, but also create a monthly check-up and update so that your business can stay in line with the competitors and not go behind in any way. As the algorithms of Google change regularly, your business will also need regular updates. This will help increase and strengthen your customer base and keep you on a successful business trajectory that only goes upwards.

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