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Are You Maximizing Your Digital Ad Strategy?

Digital Ads

Have you been wondering if there is anything more you could be doing in terms of promoting your business on social media or on your website after it's been set up?

Digital Ads or Internet Ads are the answer; however, it can be confusing which Digital Ad approach or strategy would work best with your business.

Many companies question which platform their Digital Ad should be on, which place would bring in an audience, and where the company’s product and services look most relevant and reliable? In addition to traditional advertising such as billboard and print, Digital Advertising is a staple in today’s society to help increase sales, especially, for most generations today.

For example, nowadays a lot of brands have started selling their products online and some brands are using platforms such as Instagram to ONLY sell their products. The best area where many owners’ businesses have the most chance of being seen and heard is thorugh Digital Platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and even Streaming Newtorks.

People research and search for such products to buy them from these types of platforms because the whole market has been shifted to Digital Media to save time and hassle. Even if people have websites, they will integrate them with other social media platforms. As these types of platforms are being used greatly, putting Digital Ads there will help a business grow because of its algorithms in which we can customize to businesses’ needs.

How does Digital Ads work?

Digital Ads are creative advertising strategies and tactics where you pay Social Media Platforms, Streaming Television Services, eCommerce Networks, or Search Engines to place Digital Ads about your business on other people’s devices.

It is the same way regular television ads work; however, it is more accessible and cost is much more financially economical for the amount of traffic and conversion that can be obtained. Each Digital Platform has their own algorithms for ad placements and it is extremely important you either know what you are doing or hire a professional like FameYah Media to manage your Digital Ads or you may waste money and even create code conflicts with your Digital Presence among your website or other integrated platforms. When you invest in Digital Ads, you need to keep in mind:

  • Your Objective

  • Your Target Audience

  • Your Budget

  • Your Price Point for Services and Products

  • Your Knowledge About Your Product’s or Services’ Market

  • Your Expertsie to Understand Algoritums and Digital Ad Management Platforms

  • Most Importantly, the Time You can Allocate to Managing Your Digital Ad Platform

Search Engine Ad Platforms

Search engine ads such as Google Ads are effective when you want to increase sales and acquire leads for your business. they have restrictions on design and what you can advertise for. Google can place your ads on the top search engine page results, emails, YouTube Videos, etc., for potential customers' search criteria. This criteria is called keywords. If your keywords meet the searchers' needs the best among competing Digital Ads, it can help create conversions which can lead to sales. Every time your criteria meets the potential customers' search needs, your link or phone number can be clicked in which Google then charges you based upon the cost of the keyword. Keywords cost fluctuate constantly and being strategic in Digital Ads Platform Optimization is extremely important.

Social Media Ad Platforms:

Social Media Platform Ads are used in improving the awareness of the brand, creating sales, promoting engagement and events. Just like search engine ads, these ads also have restrictions for what you can advertise for. These Digital Ads work similarly as Google Ads except it can be easier to target potential cistomers since each social platform can attract certain generations of audiences. Over the past few years Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the newest, TikTok, has bettered their platforms to accommodate business owners. These ads can be more cost effective than search engine ads and attract a younger audience generation. Social Media Platform Ads have a more creative element for the design of your advertisements and is a great place to promote your products, services, and events.

Television Streaming Ad Platforms:

These types of platforms are newer in the field of Digital Ads. These streaming platforms are for movie and televsion streaming companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, HBO Now and HBO Go, Sling TV, Crunchyroll, and more. Ads on these platforms go through a vigourous quality check before they can be shown; however, these ads can be more cost effective and help balance budget with expected return on investment better that traditional radio or televsion ads.


Have you tried Digital Ads before?

Are you satisfied with your current Digital Ad manager?

Do you know which Digital Ads strategy is best for your business?

Do you have the time and capabilities to maximize your Digital Ad efforts?

FameYah Media offers many services from Digital Ads Management, Digital Ad Creation, Digital Ad Optimization, and Digital Ad Placement for all digital platforms. Reach out today to let us show you how we can help maximize your efforts.


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