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Does Your Website Make You Happy?

Website Design

In Website Design, we have to deal with a multitude of things ranging from Mobile-Friendliness, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Public Judgement, Persuasive Writing, Technical Cleanliness, User Friendliness, Platform Integrations, Hosting Server Maintenance, Domain Servicers, Email Servers, Speed Optimizations, and to every element doing it’s supposed job. Whew! Surprisingly, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

You need to have a firm grasp of the basics of Website Design if you are starting out with a new website and need it to work in a specific manner. Website Design has changed significantly in the past few years and this change has been done to make the customer’s work easier and more efficient.

For a lot of business owners, a Website is their lifeline. The better your website, the better it can help distinguish your brand, increase your sales, and communicate with your customers, otherwise, your website may lead potential customers to seek out your competitors.

A cluttered, unfunctional website can and will hurt your conversion rates. Similarly, without a great Website Design, there will decreased responsiveness for various browsers and platforms that are present nowadays hence decreasing the customer interaction by almost half. If the company then gets a proper website design developed with clear-cut instructions and navigations on where to go and also one that anyone with any device can open.

Responsive Web Design:

We will start by talking about the difference between responsive and adaptive web design. Responsive web design is the latest trend where the website is optimized to be shown in whatever browser size you are using. Hence what it will do is release itself when the browser is a big screen but compress when you’re using a mobile device.

Adaptive web design is the old pinching the screen in and out to make out the browser that opens up on your phone exactly the way it shows on a desktop browser. The whole information won’t go vertical as the browser size gets smaller and you will have to go sideways and try to figure out how to access a specific page.

Fundamentals of a Good Web Design:

A responsive web design is definitely a better option if you want to reach more people. Similarly, many other things are included in this which we need to keep in mind.

  • Which code you insert in your website and how it publishes content is directly related to how search engines will maneuver it and hence make your site SEO friendly. Choosing things in your design that will help you in ranking better should be used.

  • Coming to fonts, we have web fonts and system fonts. Webfonts may look attractive but loading too many of them on your website will slow the loading speed as every font will need to go to the server and come back. In this way system fonts are better as they make your site increasingly fast.

  • Logo of your site matters, don’t use bitmap images as they cannot be zoomed indefinitely as the pixels start to blur hence the logo should not be made of it. Using vectors, in this case, is better but for just images, bitmaps can store a lot of information that vectors can’t do.


Finding the right balance is what we at FameYah Media strive for daily. There are a lot of elements you can add, but what will work best depends on your needs and industry you are in.

This is what we will guide you on. Additionally, websites need ongoing maintenance to prevent your website from breaking or updating to new features offered in todays marketplace.

Our website design packages are loaded with options that will make sure your website is optimized to attract an audience and is also assertive and clean. It will contain visuals that serve a purpose and content that makes search engines lead people towards you no matter what website platform you choose. Even predesigned eCommerce websites such as Shopify, needs website optimization and design.

We work on all website platforms and custom code including hosting packages. Prices start at $500. Reach out today and begin or clean up your design with us.


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