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FameYah Media is a Boutique Digital Media & Marketing Agency offering Branding, Social Media Management, Website Design, Graphic Design, Content Creations including Ads, Videography, Photography, Copywriting, and even a Virtual Reality department for Real Estate selling/renting, Customized Virtual Training Media, and Product or Service Marketing with eCommerce capabilities.

A Boutique Agency allows your company to receive immediate working actions, attention, and brand loyalty.


We are unique because we also offer Marketing Consulting and can provide a Strategic Marketing Business Plan for your company whether you decide to hire us or do the work on your own.

If you are starting from scratch, your business needs some dusting off, or you want to take your company to the next level, contact us today to see how quickly we can help you increase your exposure and better your perception in the world.



We implement several strategies to get you RANKED!!!

Social Media Management

We Create, Redesign, or Manage your accounts for you, How Lovely is that?!

Food Photography

Food and Drink Glamour...

need we say more?

Virtual Reality

Step into the Future with a new way of Selling & Marketing


Clean up your look with Epic Photos for websites, ads, brochures, & menus.


Marketing Videos

Get a Marketing Video made & watch your Return on Investment Skyrocket!

Email Marketing

Yes, this is IMPORTANT,

your list is your Gold! Treat it Right!

Video & Photo Editing

Stand Out from the Rest & Let us help Speed Up Your Projects to

Speed Up Your ROI

Graphic Design

Digital Art with a Creative Mind ='s

Genius for your Branding

Artist Video Promos

Models, Musicians, & Artist Reels...You know you need one!

Website Design

High-Quality Designs for any Business

and Budget, Keep it Updated & FRESH!

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