Talent Reels for Musicians, Models, Actors, and more. Hire us to get the best audition filming to, "Get the Gig!" Many booking agents and casting directors need a reel to know if they want to move you to the next step in the hiring process or hire you right on the spot. Booking agents want to see your reels to know if your music is worth booking and within that first minute, they make a decision if they want to hire you, first impressions matter!


Job Platforms such as Backstage, Actors Access, Casting Frontier, Casting Networks, Playbill hiring agents need your reels to know if they want to hire you. We even make professional reels for new actors who have no experience and are just trying to get their start in the industry by filming a monologue sequence for you and we can even direct and coach your acting to help you land jobs. Professional Reels can get you hired more often. Plus if you already have acting clips send them to us and we can turn them into a professional reel with your resume.

You know you

need one.

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