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Do you have a Promo Video?

Videography/Promo Videos for a business

Videography is an art that people have been using for quite some time now to promote their businesses. It is a famous saying that you need to move with the times and let’s be honest, the technology and internet world is changing and updating every second. Our lives have also changed expeditiously where many people do not have the time to read a big promotional post or article, even though many people do prefer to do that, they just don’t have the time. For such people, watching a 2 to 3-minute video is far more convenient where they can get a basic idea about a business which is enough knowledge for them to turn into leads and customers.


Companies that include videos and short promos in their marketing campaigns have a 27% higher click rate and 34% higher conversion rate. This is just the boost you need at a certain point in your business to start making a profit and investing it back into your business. Videos are extremely versatile. They can be short and simple but pack a powerful punch. On top of it being the current trend, it also has so many options and dimensions you can go into.

We make sure to provide you the best quality videos which are eccentric and aesthetic at the same time. It also just happens to be the reason for its versatility that it can be put up in any form of network i.e Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Companies that include videos and short promos in their marketing campaigns have a 27% higher click rate and 34% higher conversion rate.

Benefits of Promo Videos:

Here we will look into why a Promo Video can be a good marketing strategy for your business whether you create a 10 second video or longer.

  1. It can increase your sales by almost 70%. You might notice if you have seen a video of a product, you may be more compelled to buy it.

  2. Watching videos is a huge part of the online activity and if you include a short, yet appealing video inside that mix, you will be directly engaging with your audience which can produce leads and increase conversion rates.

  3. Lots of multiple platforms are integrated such as Google and Youtube or Facebook and Instgram which means we can use multiple avenues to create search results in browsers.

  4. Google’s algorithms loves videos and if you have a video inserted on your website, the chances of it being in the top search results increases significantly.

  5. Through videos you can explain yourself and your product with the help of amazing graphics, colors, and elements that present the information in an easily understandable manner, hence putting your point across better. You can captivate the audience so they want to watch the whole video.

  6. People are more likely to share a brand video with their friends than a long article or post.


Videography is a carefully structured art form that builds the interest of customers and increases conversion rates.

Does your business have a Promo Video?

FameYah Media is here to help you decide your marketing strategies and how you can use videos and promos to showcase your business. We will guide you on what aspects of the business needs to be inserted in the video and also where to post it and how to increase its viewership and social sharing. With our programs and packages, you will be investing your money brilliantly instead of wasting it on marketing that will not prove much beneficial.

Contact us now and get your marketing campaign sorted out!


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